Balance. Sometimes let yourself feel how free you are! Without tasks, without striving for results, without a busy schedule.

This is a relaxing day program, during which you will get away from the pace, worries and stress of modern life. Calmness and relaxation are provided by a bath with hydromassage saturated with melissa extracts, and after the water treatments, a non-contact massage with water jets will await you. This massage relaxes body muscles, normalizes their tone, improves blood circulation and metabolism. Specially designed relaxation sessions improve sleep quality and emotional state. After such detachment and relaxation, you will return to work with new energy and a much more insightful mind.

You are welcome to enjoy:

  • Pool and sauna area (90 min.)
  • Melissa pearl bath with hydromassage (15 min.)
  • Dry water massage (20 min.)
  • Audiovisual or binaural relaxation (30)
  • Coffee/ tea and desserts in the restaurant "Upa"
  • Bathrobe, disposable slippers

The minimum duration of the program – from 3,5 hours

Nature strengthens our bodies, refreshes our minds and nourishes our souls.

We created a day program during which you will see how versatile the benefits of nature's gifts are. A warm, relaxing milk bath enriched with forest berry extracts saturates the skin with vitamins and trace elements, moisturizes and stimulates the regeneration of skin cells. Hemp products used during body scrubs and massages further nourish and soften the skin, restore its tone, and remove toxins. Complementary procedures not only pamper the body, but also reduce tension and stress, give vitality and strength, and clear the mind. Time spent harmoniously will leave the best memories and the desire to get in touch with nature once again and again.

You are welcome to enjoy:

  • Pool and sauna area (90 min.)
  • Milk bath with wild berries (15 min.)
  • Moisturizing body scrub "Hemp heat" (30 min.)
  • Massage "Gift of Nature" (60 min.)
  • Lemon tea with pine buds in the restaurant "Upa"
  • Bathrobe, disposable slippers

The duration of the program – from 3.5 hours

Every step we take is a path to a new world. Believe in your own possibilities, and half the way will be covered.

Devote a day for new discoveries or activities for which there is usually no time - movement. We prepared a daily plan for you to move your body. We recommend starting with the pool and sauna area, where the muscles warm up and relax, and the water helps you forget about everyday worries. Later, a physiotherapist will be waiting for you right here to show you special individualized exercises. Performing them in water of a comfortable temperature improves blood circulation, due to the mechanical pressure of the water, movements are performed more easily and freely, and self-confidence increases. Therapeutic massage improves blood circulation, increases the elasticity of ligaments and mobility of joints, and restores physical and mental strength of a person. After oxygen therapy, you will feel more active and your steps will be easier.

You are welcome to enjoy:

  • Swimming pool and sauna (90 min.)
  • Vertical bath (30 min.)
  • Therapeutic massage (30 min.)
  • Oxygen therapy (10 min.)
  • Healthy cocktail in the restaurant "Upa"
  • Bathrobe, disposable slippers

The minimum duration of the program –  from 3,5 hours